Does lemon juice lighten dark marks?

Lemon juice to lighten dark marksI have actually heard of some patients trying this and having results on very light, superficial pigmentation. By all means if you want to give it a try, I would suggest you apply it at night and wash your skin in the morning. I’m sure it will give your skin a nice “overall” glow for a while, but in terms of actually lightening pigmented areas, I am quite doubtful that you will see any significant difference. But with all things… as long as it’s safe and it’s not going to harm you, it cannot damage you to try and make your own conclusions.

Some people really swear by using this method for “home peeling.” Obviously there is no “protocol” for how to perform this… so if you really are keen to try it, I would say just work with your skin by responding to how you skin feels and reacts step by step. Obviously lemon juice, even though it is acidic, is very different from peel solutions that have been through various processes that concentrate them and stabilise them in laboritories, so it is not going to be anywhere near the strength of a proper peeling product. So by all means if you are really keen then go by how you feel. I am not a fan of patients performing actual peels at home, unfortunately, I have seen too many disaster cases! Having said that though, there are one or two products out there that make a “home peeling kit“, which is very carefully formulated and made at higher pH so as to risk the peel going too deep and causing problems for the patient… They do still have to be used with caution. One that I am familiar with and have seen few problems with, is the Nimue kit.

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  1. In all my reading, I have read that lemon juice does have a lightening effect on the skin but it can also dry the skin. One time I tried and I woke up with very dry skin around my nose and mouth area. I think it’s a good ingredient for using in a DIY mask but I don’t think we should expect miracles.

  2. I’ve heard about this home treatment as well. Lemon juice mixed with a dash of honey, sweep it over the areas that need lightening and leave it on for 30 minutes. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it but I am wary of using lemon juice on the face.

  3. Mmmm, not sure if this is going onto my “to try” list. I do remember using lemon juice in my teens for hair ‘sun streaks’, but that’s about it.

  4. I tried using lemon juice on my face but I found it extremely drying and my skin was irritated and itchy. I don’t think lemon juice is suitable for use on the face – rather get a Vitamin C serum.

  5. I think it’s up to the individual person to decide whether to have the peel at home or not. I personally think it can get too expensive if it is done professionally. Nonetheless one needs to sign a consent form so If something goes wrong I suppose no one is liable. Lemon juice will be too weak to see great results but with stronger peels I think results will be seen.

  6. I am wary of using lemon juice on my face as it’s really sensitive. As it is acidic I am worried that it’ll dry my skin out. It might be ideal for oily skin types, although I would suggest mixing the lemon juice with maybe some aqueous cream or honey then rinse and tone with cotton wool.

  7. I have tried using lemon – diluted with green tea or egg white. It worked a bit in terms of brightening up the complexion and helped in tightening pores a bit. But dark marks/discolouration? Not so much. I then decided to rather drink it – placed two lemon slices in some warm water every morning.

  8. I tried the lemon juice and it did dry out my pimples. As to marks I didn’t see a change there. I also had two spots that started peeling the next day. I used a fresh lemon and wiped it on my face waited five min and repeated this step about 5 times. It does tingle a bit but I used a fan to counter act this. I washed it fifteen minutes after last application.

  9. I have not yet tried lemon juice, but it is on my list of try-outs. What I can say is that lemon juice can be used for not only your face as a toner, but for your hair as well to bring out the shine.

  10. Thanks for this article. I think its better to use an enzyme exfoliator instead of lemon juice. I find it removes dead skin, and doesn’t damage anything. Lemon juice could dry out your skin. I do like to use a lemon juice and sugar scrub on my body though.

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