The best short hairstyles to rock

A short hairstyle is perfect for summer and holidays when temperatures soar and you want to take a break from hours of styling. Championed by Lupita Nyong’o and more recently, Boity Thulo and Uyanda Mbuli, the advantages are endless. Your ends are stronger, you can air dry your hair, you save time washing, detangling and styling, and use less hair products. Try these three hot looks.

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If your hair is braided, try the BOB
Celebrity inspiration: Jada Pinkett-Smith from the movie Set It Off

This will be the trickiest one of all the short hairstyles as it takes a lot of effort to create a neat bob. Keep the plaits or twists as thin as possible (it’s more time-consuming but they are easier to style into a bob than thicker braids).

If your hair is relaxed, try the PIXIE
Celebrity inspiration: Keke Palmer, Jennifer Hudson, Lerato Kganyago

Chemically processing your hair can damage the strands, especially the ends, so you’ll need to trim the ends regularly. If it inspires you to go short, the pixie is a look that’s easy to style and maintain. Keep hair around your crown longer than the rest of your head so that you can keep your styling options open. You can either flat iron your hair to fall over your forehead, like a bang, or you can texturise or gel hair upwards to create volume and height.

If your hair is natural, try the FROHAWK
Celebrity inspiration: Chrisette Michelle, Goapele, Alicia Keys

This is a great look if you’ve just done the big chop. You can either shave the sides or cut them a little shorter than the top to create the effect. If you want to create curls which you don’t have naturally, put rollers in your hair overnight. Since your hair is short and not too difficult to grow back again if you need to cut it, it creates the perfect opportunity to try a new colour or highlights like brown to blonde.

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9 Responses

  1. I would love to cut my hair but the growing out part isn’t worth it. With my long hair I can just tie it up on lazy days.

  2. I love this style and have a good feeling of doing it this summer. Short, manageable and funky.

  3. I had long hair for basically my whole life. 3 weeks ago I cut my hair to just above my shoulder. Apparently it’s the new ‘in’ style. I’m so loving my short hair really. I don’t even miss my long hair.

  4. I am currently rocking the short braided bob and man was I missing out in the 90s as a baby. This hairstyle is so versatile and easy to maintain. Great article!

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