The Bright Side

Colour blocking is huge this season – in fashion and make-up. But how do you carry off those bright colours on your face (never mind the blocking bit)? Look no further than the bright side: our simple guide to colour blocking for your face

The Bright Side 1TANGERINE

Some call it coral others say they’re mad for orange. We say, as long as it’s sunny citrus, it’s so hot right now.

How to wear it: This colour is such a hard working summer bright: it rocks on your lips, cheeks, nails and even on your eye lids. However, now is not the time for an “I’m going to match my lips to my cheeks and my nails” scenario. Pick an area of your face you want to liven up with orange and then mute the rest down.

Your best colour matches: Ok, so we’ve just said not to go too mad with too much coral, but you can of course wear it on your lips and toes. With a little clever separation, it goes from overkill to fabulous make-up colour blocking!

The Bright Side 2TURQUOIS

A pop of sea-inspired blue is magic on dark skin tones in particular. But because it’s eye and nail colour only, work warm, feminine shades into your overall look.

How to wear it: As a nail colour, it’s a Spring/Summer must-have for toes. And if your job is more casual than corporate, you can definitely get away with wearing it on your fingers as long as your nails are filed into a short, neat, square-ish shape. For eyes, ditch your boring black eyeliner, and use a turquoise colour instead, either worn in a crisp liquid line or smudge a kohl pencil into your lash line.

Your best colour matches: A pop of warm pinky-peach blush on your cheeks will pretty up the cool colour on your eyes. And a nude lip (think a shade one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour) is all you need on your pout.

The Bright Side 3RED

This classic shade ain’t going anywhere. And that’s good news for the colour-shy; if you’re looking for somewhere to start, think red!

How to wear it: Lips and nails are an obvious choice. A true red (so anything that’s not too orange nor blue based) works on most skin tones. However, the shade to rock this season (and that goes for lips and nails which you can colour block together) is an orange-based, tomato red. For dark to very dark skin tones, red blush (yes, you heard us) shows up as a sexy flush on cheeks, adding instant life to your skin.

Your best colour matches: If matching your nails to your lips sounds way too boring, try a bright pink (think hot pink) manicure with your orange-red lips: it’s a loud look but perfect for summer!

Feeling brave? Try yellow …

Yellow is not so mellow right now. And yes, while we understand it can be a scary colour to wear fashion-wise, it’s a great go-to shade for adding ‘pop’ to your eye make-up. The best way to wear it? Simply apply a little bright yellow loose powder pigment over your black eye pencil (tip: you’ll find strong pigment colours at MAC stores nationwide).


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  1. When in doubt, wear red nail polish
    No time but need to glam, wear red lipstick

    I like the idea of hot pink nail polish to match with red lipstick! ????????

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