The iconic N˚5 has a new cloak

The iconic N˚5 has a new cloak 1

There is no other fragrance like Chanel N˚5. Released in 1921, it’s close to 100 years old and even after so many years, it never lost its timelessness. You, your mom and your grandmother could all wear the scent without it being too old-fashioned or too modern. Chanel N˚5 is legendary; it transcends age, location and ethnicity – it is a truly global fragrance. And now, for the first and only time, it’s available in a stunning red bottle, which is sure to become a collector’s item.

Designed in 1921 by Mademoiselle Chanel and adapted in 1924, the iconic N˚5 bottle is simple and striking – after all, it’s remained the same for over 90 years!

So why did Chanel choose red? Because no other colour has the ability to capture the passion and life of this fragrance. Red is the colour of seduction; it is a colour that holds nothing back. It screams freedom, love and spontaneity. So it’s only fitting that it became the colour of choice for a fragrance that was designed to “smell like a woman.”

The ruby red Chanel N˚5 EDP 100ml and Chanel N˚5 L’eau EDT 100ml is available in red glass, for R2725.00 at selected department stores. For serious collectors, there is a 900ml red Baccarat bottle available, but only 55 of these have been produced. Better get those Christmas wishes in early as these are limited edition!

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