The three best new face brushes


Not to be confused with an extra large electric toothbrush, these new vibrating, twirling and buzzing brushes take facial cleansing to the next level. Here are the benefits of investing in one:

By using one of these electric face brushes, be it the Clarisonic that most beauty lovers are aware of, or the recently launched Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush, or even the one from always-loved skincare brand, Olay – it will revolutionise the way you think about cleansing.

Each one offers to purify the skin, remove make-up and grime and prepare your skin for your post-cleansing products, such as serums and moisturisers.

Here are our three favourites and why we think you should invest in one:

1. Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush, R1600
If you have very sensitive skin and need something extra gentle, this may be the one to invest in. Yes it’s pricey, but if it can be tested on an orchid petal and cause no damage, or even on a wet tissue that doesn’t tear – you know for sure it will be gentle on the skin. The oval-shaped brush is designed to cup the cheeks and forehead perfectly. The white bristles are the soft ones, while the green bristles offer a firmer cleanse.

What one of our readers thought:
– Easy to hold.
– Skin felt like I had done a double cleanse.
– So gentle on the skin it felt like it wasn’t on.
– Glowing skin after one week’s use.
– Very pricey for a replacement head.
– Only downside for this reader is that it can only be charged using a USB cord.

2. Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing System, R3499 (Available January 2015)
This is the famous one that started the trend. The Clarisonic was initially developed for professionals to use during treatments. The results were so phenomenal that they are now available to consumers. Available in South Africa from January 2015, we were lucky enough to test it out a couple of months early. This product works on the surface to deliver optimum results below the surface. Results are smoother, more radiant skin and reduced pore size.

What our Beauty Editor thought:
– I am in love with my Clarisonic Plus – it is the best one in the Clarisonic family but it is very pricey!
– I love the fact that I can use it on my body too by changing the head, and it has helped dramatically with circulation on my legs.
– I like that I can control how soft or hard the vibration must be.
– I have been using it for over a month and I love how my skin is glowing and is left exfoliated.
– Won’t ever be able to just use my hand again to wash my face.

3. Olay Regenerist 3 Point Cleansing System, R279
The new Olay Regenerist offers 4x better cleansing, while exfoliating and effectively preparing the skin for the rest of your cleansing routine. This is the smallest in size of the three brushes and is perfect as your travel companion. Operated by batteries, you will never be without it.

What our Social Media and Community Manager thought:
– Softer on the skin than granular exfoliants.
– Offers a deeper cleanse than my usual face cleanser.
– Promotes blood circulation for a healthy glow.
– Refines the appearance of pores and evens out redness.
– It has improved the overall appearance of my skin in a shorter period than other face wash products I have used in the past.

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  1. Inhale mine for a few years now and I can’t see myself ever not using it.
    It has cleared up my acne and made a huge difference to the tone of my skin.
    This is an Investment in your skin.

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