Tips to making your fragrance last

Tips to make your fragrance lastYou want your fragrance to last – but you don’t want to overdo it. Where’s the middle ground between having to keep reapplying – and choking your work colleagues every time you enter a room? You don’t exactly need a master’s degree to put on perfume, but there are a few tricks to help your scent last longer throughout the day without overdoing it. Kevin Verspoor, a perfumer for Drom Fragrances (the nearly 100-year old fragrance house that’s created best-selling blends for companies such as Gucci), offers these tips to stay perfectly scented:

1. Know your points. You’ve heard a zillion times that you should mist fragrance on your pulse points, but do you know what those are? They’re the areas that have the most veins under the skin, which makes them the warmest spots on your body. And heat intensifies fragrance. Familiar spots such as your neck and wrists are great areas to mist, but to really make your scent last, try hitting these other pulse points too:
• the back of the legs, specifically behind your knees
• he area just above your hip bones
• nape of your neck
• cleavage
• small of your back
• insides of the elbows

2. Layer. Those body wash and lotion versions of your favorite fragrance aren’t just for decorating your bedside table. Using them before spritzing on your perfume will help your fragrance last longer and smell more flattering than squirting on endless mists from the bottle. And with that in mind…

3. Go easy. You don’t want to be a human air freshener, so don’t continually re-spritz throughout the day. Doing so will not only choke those breathing the air around you, but you won’t be able to tell how strong your fragrance is, because your nose adjusts to and neutralises scent after several minutes (it’s the same as when you sniff several fragrances in a row at the department store and suddenly they all smell alike). A good rule of nose: You should be able to smell the fragrance you have on in soft, occasional whiffs. If you can continuously smell it without taking a deep whiff, you overdid it.

So: layer, use your warm pulse points, make sure you catch the odd whiff, and you’re all set to wow with your signature scent.

Written by Victoria Kirby, this article originally appeared in allure

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30 Responses

  1. I normally just apply to my wrists, neck and cleavage. I was not aware of all thee other spots. Great tips! I also top off by applying 2 or 3 sprays over the front of my outfit.

  2. The areas you put perfumes on shouldn’t be exposed to sun, because it makes sun spots there.

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