Tips to protect your hair from heat styling

Tips to protect your hair from heat styling 1

Straighteners, hair dryers and curling tongs might help you achieve your desired style, but they’re one of the main causes of hair damage. Heat damage leads to dryness, limpness and split ends – and don’t we know it! Here’s how to achieve that desired style, without the damage.

Use a heat protector

A heat protecting spray covers and seals the strands, protecting them from heat damage and breakage. Apply liberally before using your styling tool and be sure to cover all areas. Using it before each styling session will minimise the amount of damage your hair undergoes.

Mind the temperature

The majority of styling tools have heat settings, allowing you to adjust their temperature. The finer your hair, the lower the temperature should be, and remember that no matter how thin or thick your hair, a lower temperature is less likely to cause damage.

Back to basics

If you’re a regular heat-styler, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for heat-styled hair. Many brands now have protective products available that help minimise the effects of heat styling and keep the hair healthier for longer.

Apply a weekly hair mask

Hair masks are important as they offer deeper conditioning and hydration than regular conditioner. Just like your skin needs a mask or facial from time to time, your hair benefits greatly from a weekly TLC session. Not only will it help repair the damage it suffered during the week, but it will also leave it soft and nourished.

Give your hair a break

You wouldn’t eat junk food every day, would you? So you shouldn’t be heat styling your hair every day either. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of blow-dries or a bi-weekly straightening session, but try to put a limit to the number of times you heat style your hair. Let it dry naturally as often as possible and, when you can, wear it au naturel.

These tips, along with a regular trim and a healthy diet, will ensure your hair remains in great condition. If you have any hair protection tips of your own, share them in the comment box below.

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5 Responses

  1. Can anyone suggest a heat protecting product? I have natural hair and I haven’t used a hairdryer in 4 months because my hair reacts so bad to heat, it falls off.

  2. I haven’t used a hairdryer or straightener in years. Best decision I ever made!

  3. Using a heat protecting shampoo and conditioner has really changed the way my hair reacts to heat. It’s an amazing tip!

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