Top Tooth Tips

Top tooth tipsOne minute you’re minding your business, casually chewing a piece of steak, the next you’re cringing in pain. Soon you’re off to the dentist’s office, dreading the whole ordeal. If you want to avoid those frequent visits to the dentist, it takes a lot more than a quick brush to keep your teeth healthy, bright and sparkling white!

No. 1 Brush away

You’ve probably heard it before – brush twice a day (morning and night) for at least two minutes. It tedious, but it’s the best way you can ensure healthy gums and teeth!

No. 2 Floss at least four times a week

Flossing has never been high on our lists of priorities – but if you want to avoid cavities, gingivitis and eventually tooth loss, you’d best keep the floss handy.

No. 3 Change your toothbrush regularly

Another biggie you need to remember: change your toothbrush (or toothbrush head) at least every three months. It’s important also to change it when you’re sick or when someone else used your toothbrush by mistake.

No. 5 Cover and store your toothbrush

Your bathroom is not only the place where you brush your teeth – you do other things in there that make it a warm, moist environment that germs love to infest. And if you have a toilet in there, you don’t even want to think about the germs that spray out every time you flush. Keep your toothbrush clean by rinsing it with warm water after each use and tucking it away in a cabinet or drawer in order to dry it out.

No. 6 Just say NO!

It’s not only harmful to your health, it also causes your teeth to turn a repulsive shade of yellow – smoking is a definite no-no! Craving a soft drink while smoking? Better think twice as the acidic nature of sodas can erode your tooth enamel, not to mention cause serious cavities.

No. 7 Wait before you brush!

Before reaching for your toothbrush immediately after you’ve eaten a meal – wait! Brushing straight after eating removes layers of precious enamel, so rather take a breather of at least 30 minutes.

No. 8 Fresh breath

Brushing is not the only way you can keep your breath smelling good – keep it fresh by using a tongue scraper to remove any built-up bacteria.



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  1. I keep a travel brush in my handbag for emergencies. Especially if I have anything with dairy and then I just brush my tongue to keep my breath still smelling fresh. Helps a lot more than just popping a mint.

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