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Tried and tested: INOAR’s Japanese Silk Treatment

Tried and tested: INOAR’s Japanese Silk Treatment 2

Hair loss was one of the most unexpected things to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, many people who were infected experienced hair loss during, as well as after, illness. INOAR, a leader in the professional hair care space, recognised the need to develop a treatment that would help treat post-Covid hair loss, as well as strengthen hair and improve its overall condition. Enter the INOAR Japanese Silk Treatment, which was designed to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss, as well as increase moisture, elasticity and strength.

How does it work?
The treatment was developed with nano and encapsulation technology, which allows enhanced penetration into the scalp, hair pores, shaft and follicle. The nano-particle ingredients diffuse into the hair fibre which results in improved moisture levels, shine and lubrication (which is important for growth).

The treatment is formulated with a variety of superfoods:

Goji berry (maintains healthy scalp and promotes hair growth);
Blueberry (promotes hair growth and improves blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair health, reduces hair thinning and hair loss);
Sweet cherry (vitamin A in cherries help to keep hair and scalp hydrated which regulates the production of an essential acid called Retinoic acid, which is important for hair follicles to grow properly);
Wheatgerm protein extract (beneficial for the scalp and encourages strength and elasticity of each strand. At the same time, nourishing vitamin E and lecithin act as building blocks to make your hair act strong and look healthy);
Quinoa extract (nourishes and protects the hair follicle from root to tip, preventing breakage);
Flaxseed protein extract (increases elasticity and reduces scalp inflammation);
Artichoke extract (works as a protective shield to the cuticles in the hair shaft);
Amino acids (promotes hair growth and protects hair from sun damage, boosts collagen production, and strengthens hair).

What does the treatment entail?
Hair is washed, and then the treatment is applied to the lengths of the hair from root to tip, section by section. The product is left on the hair for about 20 to 40 minutes, depending on hair type. Hair is either wrapped in cling wrap or heat may be applied. Once the time is up, the hair is rinsed, but around 30 – 50% of the product is left on the hair. Hair is blow-dried and then flat ironed in order to set the treatment.

Tried and tested: INOAR’s Japanese Silk Treatment 3

What results can you expect?
The following results may be expected immediately after treatment as well as in the months ahead:

Soft and shinier hair;
Smoother hair;
Reduced frizz;
Better manageability;
Increased elasticity;
Stronger hair and increased longevity;
Enhanced and prolonged colour;
UVA & UVB protection;
Hair growth acceleration and decreased hair loss

How long do results last?
The results may last for 2 – 3 months provided you take good care of your hair and use sulphate-free products (including the INOAR Japanese Silk Mask, which can be purchased in-salon and used at home). Without the correct products and proper care, you can expect results to last for about 6 weeks.

Our editor recently visited Excentric Hair on Kloof in Cape Town to experience the INOAR Japanese Silk Treatment. Here’s her take on the treatment:

Tried and tested: INOAR’s Japanese Silk Treatment 4

“It’s been a while since I had a professional treatment done, and my hair was in dire need of some TLC. While I contracted Covid-19 at least twice, I didn’t experience any hair loss (luckily!), and that has never been a concern for me. However, the INOAR Japanese Silk Treatment addresses a lot of the other concerns I do have, such as frizz, strength, dullness and breakage.

While my hair wasn’t in a dire condition when I visited Excentric Hair on Kloof, it was definitely in need of some TLC. It was lacklustre, prone to frizz, a bit unruly and tired-looking. I walked in without really knowing what to expect, and walked out with my expectations exceeded.

The lovely stylist in charge of my treatment took a lot of care to explain each step to me, and answered all the questions I had. The salon made the whole experience enjoyable and even treated me to a much-needed cappuccino and some biscuits.

After my shampoo, my stylist applied the treatment to my hair, bit by bit until everything was covered. She then wrapped my head in cling-wrap and I relaxed for 20 minutes while the treatment did its thing. My hair is fine, but if you have thicker hair, the treatment may be left on for longer.

After a quick rinse it was time for my blow-dry and flat-ironing, the final step to lock in the treatment. As you can see from the before and after pics, the treatment made a really big difference to my hair. Immediately, my hair was shinier, more manageable and there was no frizz in sight.

Over the next few weeks, the frizz continued to stay away, my hair was more manageable (and straighter), it felt soft and looked shiny and healthy. I’ve also noticed that it seems to be growing rapidly, which I’m not complaining about!

Judging by how healthy my hair looks and feels, and how quickly it’s growing, I would definitely recommend this to someone who is battling with hair loss or slow growth. However, if that’s not a concern for you – like it wasn’t for me – you can still benefit from this treatment in so many other ways.

A very big thank you to the team at INOAR for organising this lovely treat, and to the team at Excentric Hair on Kloof for taking such good care of me. If you’re based in Cape Town and want to visit them for this treatment, you can find their details here. To find a salon in other areas of the country, contact INOAR here.”


4 Responses

  1. Good day, I would like to know how to access your products and how they work? I am a practicing stylist of 30 years. Regards Michelle

  2. Would this treatment achieve the same straightening result for someone with curly hair? Type 3b/c curly hair? Or would another type of treatment be recommended for such hair?

    1. Hi Mymoena, the Japanese Silk Treatment has been developed specifically to combat hair loss, promote hair growth and to give you silky smooth hair. That is more manageable. It works on all types of hair, and you can do it on a monthly basis. However depending on the texture of the curl, if it is more coarse and dry type of curl, INOAR’s B-perfect botox treatment, that is more keratin/protein based might be a better option to have a straighter look or even INOAR’s Keratin Smoothing treatments for a long lasting straighter result.

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