Vaginal Rejuvenation – the answer to non-surgical labia remodelling

Vaginal Rejuvenation – the answer to non-surgical labia remodelling 1

Up until a few years ago, the topic of labia remodelling (or any intimate enhancement) was completely taboo. It was the kind of thing we knew happened, but never spoke about openly. Fast-forward to 2020 and how things have changed! We’ve finally reached a point where women aren’t scared to ask for what they want, especially when it involves their intimate area. The demand for labia remodelling has increased drastically, but not just for aesthetic reasons – it is also linked to increased sensation.

Body Renewal offers the impressive vaginal rejuvenation treatment – a first of its kind, offering patients non-surgical and non-invasive labia remodelling and sexual satisfaction enhancement treatment.

How does it work?
The vaginal rejuvenation treatment is performed by senior laser therapists who use specialised radio frequency machines on the patient’s labia area. They make use of focused thermal energy to contract and strengthen the treated area’s collagen fibres. The collagen structure is affected by heat, and this initiates the contraction and recoiling of the existing collagen fibres.

The skin’s natural healing process evokes fibroblasts to also produce new collagen fibres, resulting in improved structure and volume. Essentially, we have a double effect, the existing collagen are strengthened and new collagen are being made.

The treatment is performed on the labia majora as well as the labia minora (both left and right side), and the perineum is also treated.

Does it hurt?
There is no pain during the treatment and there is no downtime. Patients will experience a warming sensation, which results in the collagen induction. The treatment sessions are short and focused with minimal discomfort for the patient.

The results
80% of patients who were initially test subjects for the treatment noted an improvement in appearance, whilst 60% reported an improvement in sexual satisfaction.

How long does the treatment take?
The total treatment time will take around 30 minutes. After a consultation with your Body Renewal doctor, a treatment package will be recommended. Most patients undergo four treatments that are scheduled two to four weeks apart. However, the number and frequency of treatments is determined by each patient’s specific concern and required results. Patients will experience long-lasting results after the completion of their package, but may schedule a maintenance treatment at a later stage.

Is it safe?
This treatment has been clinically tested and proved to be comfortable and suitable for all skin types.

The vaginal rejuvenation treatment can be performed in conjunction with other sexual rejuvenation treatments. Body Renewal also offers Carboxytherapy, which is very effective in improving cosmetic appearance as tissue regains plumpness, improve sensation, improved tone and functionality.

Is this treatment for me?
Body Renewal offers a number of solutions for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. For women who want to improve the appearance, plumpness or tone of their intimate area, or who are interested in increasing sensation, the vaginal rejuvenation treatment has proven highly effective. Book an appointment at your nearest Body Renewal clinic to discuss your concerns with a doctor, who will advise you on the best treatment for your unique needs.

This post was sponsored by Body Renewal.

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