We review dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair and IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma 

We review dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair and IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma  1

Regardless of your skincare concerns, two of the most important ingredients you need in your daily regime are vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A). These ingredients are antioxidants that offer a host of benefits, from increasing cell turnover, to lightening pigmentation and slowing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is one of the most potent antioxidant ingredients on the market. It has the ability to neutralise harmful free radicals to counteract their effects on the skin. Vitamin C is a brilliant pigmentation fighter, minimizing existing dark marks and helping to prevent the formation of new ones. It is also great for preventing blemishes and breakouts and increases the skin’s radiance.

Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is one of the most talked-about anti-ageing ingredients, and for good reason. It stimulates the production of new skin cells, thus increasing your skin’s cell turnover rate, which leaves skin looking younger for longer. It also promotes the skin’s natural collagen production, helps unclog pores to prevent breakouts and helps reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Our editor had the opportunity to put a dr.dermal® vitamin C and A product to the test: the IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma and MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair. Renowned for their potent product formulations and unique ingredient combinations, this local cosmeceutical skincare brand sets out to deliver noticeable results from day 1.

We review dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair and IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma  2

This is our editor’s experience of the IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma and MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair:

“I use vitamin C and vitamin A religiously as they’re the two ingredients that have shown the biggest improvement in my skin’s texture, brightness and clarity. When selecting a vitamin C and A product, it’s important to choose a reputable brand that’s known for quality formulations. I was thrilled to give the dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair and IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma products a try, as I’ve heard fantastic things about the brand and I know that they put a lot of time and research into the development of their products to ensure efficacy.

dr.dermal® IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma is a vitamin C product that contains 20% pure L-ascorbic acid in a rapidly absorbed treatment. Vitamin C is available in various different forms, but our skin can only utilise it in L-ascorbic acid form, which also happens to be unstable and rapidly oxidises in an aqueous solution. This makes it difficult to formulate with, and thus uncommon in skincare products. True innovators, dr.dermal® established a way to circumnavigate the problem by incorporating pure L-ascorbic acid into an elastomer suspension that resists oxidation.

I’ve used a few vitamin C products in the past that left my skin red and irritable – a common side effect for many people who struggle with vitamin C sensitivity. I’ve never used a 20% pure L-ascorbic acid product before, so I was a little nervous as to how my skin would react. I am delighted to report that I had absolutely no reaction or side effects whatsoever. I experienced no itchiness, redness or sensitivity, and I used it daily from the beginning. I’ve enjoyed the product’s consistency and it was effortless to include in my regime.

dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair contains an impressive 5% micro-encapsulated retinol and is also the only retinol cream containing skin identical lipids (ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids) to protect the skin’s lipid barrier. That, along with peptides to aid DNA repair and hyaluronic acid to aid moisture retention results in a pretty impressive formula.  

I love that this product is gentle on my skin and does not trigger any irritation. I’ve used other retinol creams and serums that made my skin red and flaky, even when they were introduced gradually. MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair did none of that. Because I already use retinol daily I started using this cream every evening (please note that if your skin is generally sensitive or if you’re new to retinol you need to introduce this product gradually). Because of its nourishing and hydrating ingredients you don’t need to apply a moisturiser afterwards.

The texture is lovely. It spreads and absorbs like a dream and a little goes a long way. I love the fresh scent too – to me, it makes a big difference when a product smells pleasant and feels light and lovely on the skin.

It’s been about a month since I slotted both these products into my skincare regime and although it takes a little longer than that to see optimal results, I’ve already noticed a change in my skin. I am prone to hormonal breakouts, and while I had one or two pop up this month, they healed and “disappeared” a lot quicker than usual. I’ve noticed that the post-inflammatory pigmentation on my chin is lightening and overall my skin looks smoother and brighter.

While the visible changes I’ve already noticed are great, I know that vitamin A and C also have long-term benefits in keeping skin healthy and more youthful-looking for longer. They’re investment products that aid in slowing down the signs of ageing. I’d highly recommend both these products if you’re serious about skincare and anti-ageing, as they contain industry-leading ingredient concentrations in stable formulations that really deliver on their claims.”
Anien – Editor

Learn more and shop dr.dermal® IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma here. Learn more and shop dr.dermal® MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair here.


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