Wedding hair (potential) disasters

Wedding hair (potential) disastersBrides-to-be all dream of standing out on their big day. The perfect dress accompanied by the perfect shoes, the perfect accessories complementing the perfect hairstyle. All in all, they all long to be a model bride for their big day. But there are always things to remember when changing your hair cut or colour.

Don’t change your hair cut or colour too much because mistakes might not be rectified soon enough. Often it seems appealing to go for a drastic change in an effort to look your best, but one should be very aware of the most common mistakes and its side effects.

If you are 90% of the time blonde, do not go for a darker shade or a colour that’s too far from what you are familiar to. The colour might seem like a good idea, but you are always going to think of yourself as a blonde. And you may seem like a stranger in your wedding album. Also remember that by the time the festivities draw to a close, you might have a hard time reverting back to your usual colour which will result in damage and costly trips to your stylist.

If you’re naturally dark haired, try and stick to low maintenance colouring to avoid major damage. Going from a dark to a light colour needs the assistance of chemicals and lengthy processes and although the change may be appealing, the aftermath can be too much. You may be able to go back to your usual dark colour, but your hair’s condition won’t be the same.

Giving your hair a good cut before your big day is a good way to maintain its health, but be certain not to go overboard. Be completely sure about your overall style before you decide to trim. Take into consideration if it’s an up or down style, straight or curled, whether you’re using hair pieces or extensions or changing it half way through the evening.

If you want to go from a soft romantic up style for your ceremony to a down style for your reception, then consider how much it will jump up if it’s too short.
If you plan on adding a fringe try doing so at least five months in advance so that you have a chance for it to grow out.
Think about the type of products your stylist will be using to set your hair on the big day because this too can affect it. The wrong hair spray can make your hair droopy with too much shine spray or oil can make it look greasy. Go for softer products, but a hair spray with good hold should never be left out. Test it well in advance in case you might need to purchase one as an extra for touch ups.

Photographs show all the things we sometimes hope they won’t, so keep your hair as healthy as possible. In day light, your unnatural shine might look like greasy hair or your damaged strands may look like they are in poor health. To avoid this, the team at Spoilt Hair and Beauty says: ‘Try taking photos of your hair in natural light after you’ve done your colour and look at the reflection. If it gives a healthy glow, you’ll know you’re on the right track. If the condition seems poor, use the time to treat it well before the big day.’

Colour shampoos work just as well to try and fake a naturally healthy head of hair so don’t be afraid to try them instead of a permanent colour that might cause even more damage.

Real health is hard to fake and showing off good hair styles are much more beautiful. So before you decide on the drastic change – discuss it with your stylist and test all your options because the proof will be in the photos.

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  1. Brilliant advice! Not a good idea to try something radically new just before your wedding (not the best time for a hair emergency, LOL).

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