Why we love men’s fragrances

Why we love men's fragrancesWe love it when a man smells good, but we love it even more if we can hold on to his scent a little longer.

A great smelling man can be intoxicating. It can lead us to do unusual things… like secretly steal a whiff of a shirt or pillowcase when we’re feeling lovesick. Our noses play a powerful role in the game of love and attraction.

Come on, admit it – you’ve all rifled through the cabinet of a new man’s bathroom to sniff his shaving foam and hair gel! And who can deny stealing a spray of a guy’s deodorant, to prolong the feeling of being close to him, long after he’s gone?

I’ve often slept in my man’s soccer shirt when he’s had a weekend trip with the boys and I’m especially guilty of stealing his cologne when he’s not looking.

There’s just something so cheeky and self-assured about knowing that you have a little part of him close to your skin at all times. Would men find this secret scent-stealing behaviour strange, stalker-ish even? Probably. But there’s a good reason we have ‘secret women’s business’!

Nowadays, scents are changing. Where there was once cologne for men and perfume for women, there are a whole new hybrid range of products embracing the modern day man, who’s more in touch with his sensitive side and doesn’t mind publicly admitting that he watches Desperate Housewives.

Highly masculinised men’s cologne is making way for manly scents with a soft edge and let’s face it – us girls are loving it! Popular perfumes for men being stolen by stealthy girlfriends and wives include the Lynx Dark Temptation Eau De Toilette (with it’s decadent chocolatey scent we just can’t help but crave a little for ourselves!) and Davidoff Cool Water – with it’s intoxicating crisp, fresh scent that we just have to have.

Scent stealing has become so popular that perfume companies are starting to release ‘unisex’ fragrances, in a desperate bid to keep up with our changing fragrance preferences – and while we like these new quirky perfumes, we have to admit it – stealing is more fun!

Written by Debbie Selikman, this article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.

IMAGE: Shutterstock.com


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