10 Beauty Rules to Break Now

10 Beauty Rules to Break Now 1
Beauty websites keep telling you to do this and do that, oh and don’t forget about THAT. But the truth is, some rules have just become downright outdated and make-up is all about experimenting and having fun. It’s time to shake things up and change-up your routine.

Old rule: Dim your shine

New you! We get that some beauties prefer a matte finish and you’d do anything to get rid of an oily T-zone, but the dewy look has been all the range on the runway. Granted there’s a thin line between downright sweaty and glowing, but you catch our drift. Dubbed “sweaty skin”, models everywhere have been sporting extra shiny skin. You can go easy on the powder and embrace a more luminous glow. Or at least pretend you were going for the glossy look if you’re caught post workout.

Old rule: Focus on eyes or lips – never both!

New you! Most beauties have embraced bold make-up, but some are still afraid of looking too OTT. The truth is, once you start experimenting with make-up, it might actually be hard to stop trying new trends! If you’ve finally perfected the cat eye or smokey eye, forget the outdated rules and apply a bold lip to go along with it. There’s a perfect red for every beauty, after all!

Old rule: Tame that frizz

New you! We love that embracing our natural texture is the new wave and low maintenance hair is the way to go. Who has the time or money to keep going for pricey treatments and blowouts all the time? From curls and waves to kinky coils, take the time during the looming warmer days to give your hot iron a break every now and then.

Old rule: Only wear black mascara

New you! From clear to brown and even blue mascara, don’t be afraid to try something new. We’re loving the colour mascara trend! Try small lashings for a subtle hint on your next ladies night.

Old rule: Glitter should be left in your teen phase

New you! Don’t be affraid to glow-up with some glitter accents. From nails, to glitter just below your eyebrows – and even on your lips on a special night out. Remember everything in moderation … or not! Glitter is always a fun addition to any ensemble. Bonus? Some highlighter or illuminator added to the cheekbones actually reflects light and could make wrinkles look less pronounced.

Old rule: Always line your lips

New you! Who even has time to line lips before every application? Liquid matte shades create a fuller effect when applied more freely. We also saw models walking with full-on smudged lipstick on the runway, though us everyday girls may not be swayed to try the look – even though we’ve rocked it unintentionally many times!

Old rule: Wash your hair every day

New you! Embrace second-day hair and create a plait or varied styles with your hair. Over-washing strips your hair of its natural oils and could even be the cause of your greasier roots. Wash your hair three times a week – max! Create faux washed hair with some dry shampoo instead.

Old rule: Blush belongs on the apples of your cheeks

New you! Draw some inspiration from Rihanna and try your hand at the draping trend. Apply a liberal amount of velvety blush to your temples and look runway-ready in an instant! If you’re more about understated hints of blush instead, apply to your cheeks and add some to your eyelids for added warmth.

Old rule: Don’t use oils if you have an oily skin

New you! Do your skin a favour and start incorporating a nourishing oil into your routine. Despite the fact that you’ve been avoiding it like the plague ever skin you realised you had oily skin, oil-based products will actually be beneficial for you. Oil actually attracts oil, and it will dissolve the grease or nourish without removing your natural oils. It also balances the loss of moisture. We love the Lipidol Night Oil.

Old rule: Beauty is about perfection– hide imperfections at all cost!

New you! We’re so thankful that old perceptions of beauty and what women should look like have been given the boot. Because, tired. It’s time to embrace your quirks, freckles – and even acne – and just do you. Going out and rocking your acne à la models on the runway may be a hard sell, but caking on make-up just makes it worse. Wear two lipstick colours at once, mix trends and even let that smudgy eye make-up slide. Even the models on the runway are loosening up. We say do you, boo!

Which new-school beauty trends have you been adapting?



23 Responses

  1. Loved all these amazing tips! I love experimenting with my make up looks but always have those rules in the back of my head. Now I can try new looks and see what works for me! Because let’s be honest, the look that works for Kim Kardashian will not necessarily work for me! (Although she always looks great) Thank you for the great tips!

  2. Great article ! It’s time we move away from the norms and rules stated in the beauty world and start creating new vibrant looks for ourselves and clients ! I particularly like the paragraph on getting a bold look on the eyes and lips, both can be bold and still look fabulous!

  3. Either your lips or your eyes never both, now there’s a beauty no no I’m definitely getting rid off

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