Things to know before you colour your own hair


Before you even open your box and proceed to colour your hair, keep these things in mind and be prepared.

1. Look at your natural hue
This will determine where you should start and what shade you should look out for. If you have a warm base tone you are more likely to suit a larger array of shades than if you have a cooler tone. If you are not sure what will suit you, try asking a professional for their advice.

2. Going darker is easier and less damaging
If you are thinking of lightening your hair yourself, think again. It is always easier to go a shade darker and similar to your natural shade. Going to blonde from black isn’t a good idea! Plus it is so damaging to your hair.

3. Be realistic
A drastic colour change cannot be achieved with one box overnight. Patience is a virtue. Take your time and do it over a few weeks or even months.

4. Try on a wig
To determine if a shade will suit you (if you are going more than one shade darker) try on a wig in the shade you are thinking of. This is quick and painless and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to rock it!

5. Buy more than you need
You may think one box will be enough, but if you run out in the middle of dyeing you are going to be sorry. Rather buy an extra one and if you don’t use it you can keep it for next time.

6. Find the right formula
If you have a very sensitive skin and scalp it is best to choose a formula that is gentle and right for you. Try doing a patch test beforehand and see if your skin reacts.

7. Go for a shade lighter than you want
Don’t rely on the image on the box. The colour always comes out a shade darker than what you’d expect. So to avoid disappointment and shock, go for the lighter option.

8. Dirty is best
Apply your colour to dirty hair. If you shampoo your hair right before you apply colour, it removes the natural oils that protect your scalp during the colour process.

9. Buy the correct shampoo
When you are out shopping for your new hair colour, purchase some colour saving shampoo and conditioner. They really do help preserve your new shade and are much more gentle and therefore wont strip your hair.

10. Don’t mix and match
Leave this for the salon. Only a professional stylist knows how to mix shades correctly for the perfect colour. There are enough shades on the shelf for you to choose from!



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