3 Common beauty product questions answered

ask experts 13 July

Do you ever wonder what that extra annoying plastic lid thing is for that comes with some tubs of moisturisers? Or if beauty products actually will last longer if you pop them in the fridge, like your mom used to do.

Well wonder no longer, skincare expert and founder of Skin & Body Renewal, Dr Maureen Allem has the answers.


Q: A friend told me recently that I should not throw away that thin plastic disc that normally comes on top of creams or moisturisers. Is that true? – Amina Edwards

A: The plastic disc is there to ensure that your product is kept as air-tight and contaminant free as possible. If beauty products that contain active ingredients like retinol or vitamin C, are exposed to air and light, the chemicals become inactive, making the product less effective. You should not even be using your finger to apply moisturiser, rather use a spatula instead. The more contaminants that enter your moisturiser, the less beneficial it becomes.


Q: Will my beauty products last longer if I store them in the fridge? – Kim Reddle

A: This isn’t necessary. It may even damage them. Modern skincare products use effective preservative systems, so there is no value whatsoever in storing them in the fridge, unless the usage instructions specifically state otherwise.


Q: I have one or two go to products that I never change (my moisturiser mainly), but sometimes I just buy a toner or face wash that’s on special. Is there a reason I can’t mix and match my skin care products, because it’s easier on my budget? ­– Waheebah Daniels

A: There is no hard and fast rule that you have to purchase all of your products within the same brand or range. Products differ in ingredients and molecular structure, and by mixing and matching products which are not compatible, adverse reactions such as pimples or rashes may appear. In other instances if the one’s molecular structure is larger than the other, one of your products will be unable to penetrate properly and in essence it’ll be a waste of both product and money. Products are generally created to be layered and to enhance each other’s action on the skin, this is why it is usually best to stick to the same brand or at very least the same ‘type’ of brand.


But the bottom line, is: “Are the products you are using working for you, or not?” If what you are using is giving you satisfactory results, then that’s great. If not, then change what you are using. If you require assistance with this, visit your nearest Skin Renewal branch to chat to one of the highly trained therapists who can advise you with regards to product choice for your particular skin condition and budget, or visit www.skinrenewal.co.za


You can ask Dr Allem your skin questions here.


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  1. So insightful, I actually wondered about some of these myself especially with storing beauty products in the fridge. I still put my eyecream in the fridge though.

  2. So helpful! I have had some of these questions too! Especially about the mixing of different product brands which I do all the time. And I personally hate products in tubs, I think they should all come in push lid dispenser bottles rather. Much more hygienic and always airtight.

  3. I always thought that storing beauty products in the fridge was a bad idea! And i do use skincare products from different brands and this usually works out fine.

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