4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin

4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin 1

Hand-washing (to the point of being excessive) has become the norm in most of our lives, but is your hand wash making your hands dry or rough? So many people are complaining of the drying effects their soap is having on their hands, and truth be told, hand sanitizers aren’t any better. In fact, many experts are recommending that we wash our hands with soap and water rather than use a sanitizer spray whenever possible, because of the intense drying effect alcohol has on skin.

Not all hand-washes are created equal. Some are gentle on the hands, and others are not. While scent and texture play a major role (after efficacy, of course!), one of the most important things you should take into consideration when purchasing a hand wash, is whether it will be gentle on your skin. We’re not about to start washing our hands any less frequently, so we’ve been on a quest to find hand washes that do their job without stripping moisture from our skin.

After rigorous testing, we’ve found four hand washes we loved:

4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin 2

Morlage & Yorke Apothecary Lemongrass & Verbena Hand Wash 500ml (R84.95)

Scent: This hand wash smells like summer, but you’ll want to use it all-year long. The gorgeous lemongrass scent is uplifting and refreshing.

Texture: This is a foaming formula, so it works up a foamy lather, which for many people, is essential in a hand wash. A little goes a long way and one pump dispenses enough product for a thorough hand-wash. The formula feels light on the skin and leaves behind a delicate fragrance.

Overall impression: Despite working up a lovely lather, this formulation is gentle. It’s enriched with nourishing vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft and moisturised. It ticks all the boxes: it cleanses thoroughly without stripping the skin of moisture, it’s beautifully scented and it’s affordable.

Shop online here.

4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin 3

Treemendus Organic Tea Tree Handwash 250ml (R65.00)

Scent: Tea tree fans will adore the scent of this hand wash, as it literally smells like tea tree essential oil. You can also detect a hint of lemon and rose geranium, two of the other ingredients in this product.

Texture: Despite containing only organic ingredients, this hand wash works up a lovely lather. The texture feels light and produces a subtle foam when worked into the skin. When you rinse it off, it almost has an emulsifying effect whereby the foam turns creamy and feels luxurious and moisturising on the skin.

Overall impression: It’s great to see more and more organic hand wash products entering the market, and we love that this product has Eco-Cert certification. It’s ultra-gentle on the skin, lovely to use and has a moisturising effect on the hands: you don’t feel the need to apply hand cream after using this hand wash. It’s made locally (bonus!) and is really good value for money as a little bit goes a long way.

Shop online here.

4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin 4

Clicks MyEarth Grapefruit & Geranium Handwash 250ml (R49.99)

Scent: This product’s fragrance is absolutely incredible; it’s like washing your hands with the most fragrant essential oils! The combination of grapefruit and geranium is fresh and uplifting.

Texture: This is a natural product, and as such, it doesn’t contain artificial foaming agents that work up a lather. If you’re used to a hand wash that produces a lot of foam, this product may take some getting used to, but once you’ve used it for a couple of days, it becomes the norm. The formula feels a bit like a gel, and spreads really nicely.

Overall impression: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable hand wash that doesn’t dry out your skin, this is a fantastic option. Not only does it smell great, but it is filled with natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing on the skin. Because it’s free from artificial foaming agents, it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry. It’s really affordable too, which is unusual (but so welcome) for a locally-produced natural product.

Shop online here.

4 Hand washes that won’t dry out your skin 5

Bodycare From Africa African Rosehip Foaming Hand Wash 500ml (R74.95)

Scent: If you’re into roses, this scent is for you! This hand wash has a gorgeous rose scent that lingers on the skin long after you’ve washed it off.

Texture: This texture is most unusual – a light, watery liquid, it becomes a rich foam as soon as it is dispensed into your hands. It spreads nicely, cleanses well and feels light and gentle on the skin.

Overall impression: 10/10 for sensorial experience, texture, scent and cleansing ability. This hand wash works like a dream and cares for your skin while doing so. No tightness or dryness post-wash thanks to added vitamin E. Great value for money and a real pleasure to use!

Shop online here.



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