5 Exfoliators to try now



Do you exfoliate your skin? Our ‪#‎BeautyAddicts‬ review 5 pocket-friendly exfoliators to get you started.



1. Garnier even & matte instant radiance scrub
“This is an excellent inexpensive product that helps in removing dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant skin.”




2. Sknlogic exfoliate enzymatic

“My skin is very sensitive and this product really help me keeping my skin feeling great.”



3. Noreva exfoliac facial scrub
“This is a very good product! It is gentle on the skin, smells good & does not irritate or dry skin out.”




4. Nivea daily essentials skin refining scrub
“my skin was softer…more refined…pores smaller and make up applied better…”



5. Garnier fresh radiance boosting scrub

“it definitely gives my skin a bit of a boost and it works really well with my oily skin.”


How often should you exfoliate? Follow this advice from our skin expert.

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7 Responses

  1. I previously was trying a facial exfoliating cleansing gel but even though I have very oily skin, the face wash completely stripped my skin of oil to the point that it was dry and I had to stop using the face wash and just use normal gel for about a month. It was a very unpleasant experience

  2. I don’t exfoliate often because it tends to irritate my skin, even if the product is specifically for sensitive skin.

  3. I always exfoliate twice a week during summer because my skin tends to be oily but in the winter once a week as my skin gets dry..

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