ADVERTORIAL: Massage your way to great skin with Bio-Oil

How to apply Bio-oilWhether you’re concerned about uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin or scars and stretch marks, Bio-Oil offers a solution for you. As with any beauty or skincare product, how you apply it affects how well it works. With Bio-Oil the key is to massage, as massaging stimulates your skin and allows faster absorption of Bio-Oil. Apply twice a day and make sure it’s the first thing applied.

Here are more of our top tips towards achieving maximum results:
Apply Bio-Oil twice daily onto cleansed skin for a minimum of three months.
• Scars: for best results, massage Bio-Oil into the area with your fingertips in a circular movement, twice daily for at least three months (once the wound is healed). Bio-Oil may be used on top of micropore tape (used to keep scar movement minimal) allow it to absorb and repeat twice daily.
• Stretch marks: to help prevent pregnancy related stretch marks, apply twice daily from the first trimester, throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

For application advice from leading cosmetic scientist, John Knowlton, watch this exclusive interview.

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9 Responses

  1. My wife began using bio oil the day we found out we were having a little one;) she looks like the day I met her! Thx bio oil!

  2. Bio Oil is a great product I used it when I was pregnant and I was left with no stretched marks. I even used if for pigmentation on my face and that also worked.

  3. When i was 16 i was in an accident.
    I had stitches my leg, fingers, neck and worst of my all my face, today there is no proof of the accident thanks to Bio oil
    This product really made a difference in my life, thank you:)

  4. If it’s true then Bio-oil is a remarkable product and should therefore be used on a regular basis. Would love to test this product …

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Win one of two Deep Freeze hampers

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