Aesthetic injectables: A non-invasive way to rejuvenate

Aesthetic injectables: A non-invasive way to rejuvenate 1

There once was a time when, if you wanted to look your best for longer, you might have considered a face lift. Thing is, operations such as these are risky and require a lot of downtime. Now, however, thanks to brilliant innovations in aesthetics, you can opt for non-invasive injectable treatments like muscle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers and threads. Respectively, these quick, no-downtime procedures can smooth wrinkles, restore lost volume as well as enhance what you still have and even lift loose skin such as jowls.

At Skin Renewal, our doctors are aesthetic experts and have been serving up wonderful, incredibly natural-looking results for years. Our patients love that they get to walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, never overdone.

Muscle-relaxing injections
Muscle-relaxing injections involve injecting a substance such as botulinum toxin directly to the site of the wrinkle. It causes the muscle just beneath the skin to relax in a way that temporarily stops it from contracting. Once this area can no longer crease up, the wrinkle is greatly diminished – if not completely removed.

Still, botulinum toxin can’t treat every type of wrinkle and there are two types – static and dynamic. Dynamic lines are those that are caused by repeated expression. Think crow’s feet and frown lines. These are the types of wrinkles we can treat with a few quick injections of botulinum toxin and the results can last for up to four months.

The second type of wrinkle is called a static line. These are the ones you’ll see even when your face is at rest. These typically appear later on as they’re usually caused by a loss of volume, something that occurs naturally as we age. Still, they’re not something you have to live with. At Skin Renewal, we often treat these with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are gel-like liquids that are injected just beneath the surface of your skin to fill wrinkles and restore or increase volume. All the fillers we use at Skin Renewal contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your skin. It’s the cushiony ‘gel’ that exists between your collagen and elastin that also helps your skin retain moisture. It does the latter incredibly well as it’s an excellent “water-binder”, attracting and holding up to a thousand times its own weight in hydration.

As we age, our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid. This results in the loss of hydration and volume and an increase in wrinkling. However, if we replace it using dermal fillers, the result is an instant plump! When a static wrinkle is filled with a dermal filler this exerts a pressure on the fibroblasts that stimulates collagen. Still, the benefits don’t stop there. Just the placement of the filler alone stimulates your natural collagen supply to proliferate. This means you get an immediate effect and a prolonged one!

Sagging brows? Jowls getting you down? If you want to create a little lift, you’re going to want to know about threads. These medical grade sutures, when strategically inserted under the skin, can create an instantly lifted look that lasts for up to two years before dissolving.

The great thing about threads is that they have a dual action. Firstly, they create an instant lift. Secondly, their placement sparks a biological action that triggers the creation of new collagen surrounding each thread. Once the threads dissolve, the “lifted look” lingers due to the new collagen scaffold they leave in their wake.

Still, the success of a thread lift is largely owed to the hands that place them as them so you always want to see a highly-skilled, very experienced doctor, such as those you’ll find at Skin Renewal. They’ve been working with threads for years and the practices forms part of our incredibly popular 3D Liquid Facelift. This very popular knife-free procedure also involves injecting threads, botulinum toxin and dermal fillers to lift, smooth and plump in a way that can literally take a decade off our patient’s skin.

In short, if you’re wanting to look like the very best version of you, for as long as possible, you don’t have to go under the knife. Get in touch with a Skin Renewal doctor today and they’ll be able to fill you in on a world of non-invasive injectable options that can help you time back time!

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  1. Good day,

    I would like to fond out more about Derma Fillers & Threads.

    How long do each last and the cost.

    How long does each procedure take.

    I have a wedding in February and would like some of my wrinkles to disappear. I will be 56 but because i had a full hysterecomy when i was 23, i have been surgically forced into menopause, which i dislike.

    Mrs Sandra Botha

    1. Hi Sandra, please see below from Skin Renewal:

      Dermal filler and threads will definitely be good option for you. Dermal fillers last between 10 to 18 months , depending on your skin a well as the type of filler injected. Threads also last between 12 – 24 months, once again depending on whether PDO or Silhouette Soft threads were used. It is important to remember that even thought these substance might dissolve in a certain amount of time, both of them have the ability to stimulate long term collagen production, so the effect last for much longer. Unfortunately pricing and quotes can only be give upon consultation and analysis by one of our Skin Renewal Doctors, as it depends on various factors.

      Both of these procedure normally takes about 1 hour and you can resume our normal daily activities immediately post treatment. Even thought Fillers and threads are good options for you, it is important to note, that we still need to work on the texture and more superficial layer of the skin. For you to achieve your desired results, I would definitely recommend that you combine these injectable treatments with in clinic medical skin care treatments such as chemical peel, skin needling as well as laser and light treatments. We need to focus on stimulation of all layers of the skin to get the best over all result.

      For more information visit: &

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