Age with Grace: Beautiful skin at every life stage

Age with Grace: Beautiful skin at every life stage 1

We all know that our genetics will play a large role in how our skin responds to the hands of time. However, at Skin Renewal, we believe that there’s a lot you can do to ensure you age with grace. Also, while taking a preventative approach is always best, it’s never too late to start rejuvenating your skin.

A great start
Most women only get serious about wrinkles when they see them. Thing is, it’s best to delay their appearance for as long as possible and this means creating a collagen “bank”. In the same way, you have to start saving early if you’re to have enough money for retirement, you need to focus on increasing your collagen supply in your youth.

To protect what you’ve got, you need to ensure your skincare routine includes a high sun protection factor and products that include high percentages of proven collagen-encouraging ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. You can also invest in in-office collagen-boosting treatments such as those you’ll find in our Skin Tightening & Anti-Ageing Solutions packages. Each solution is a great value bundle consisting of two or more treatments that enhance each other’s effects to ensure a brilliant result. As it turns out, when it comes to collagen-creation, more is most definitely more!

Many of our most popular anti-ageing solutions suitable for patients in their early twenties include Dermapen skin needling. It’s a fantastic way to ignite collagen creation while refining pores and improving the look of mild acne scars and pigmentation. As it’s performed after the application of a topical anaesthetic, it really doesn’t hurt. Better yet, there’s minimal downtime, a lot of our patients experience some flaking as well, depending on the depth worked at, the redness might last more than one day. You can literally go back to work the next day and nobody would be the wiser that you’d started to journey towards ageing with grace.

Steady on!
If you’ve taken a preventative approach to ageing in your younger years, you’ll find you need less “help” as you enter your later ones. Still, you’ll notice that your skin starts to feel less firm, you begin to lose a certain amount of volume and wrinkles that once only appeared when you smiled begin to take up permanent residence on your face. Eek!

Fortunately, we can ramp up your collagen-boosting efforts by breaking out a secret weapon – our cutting-edge laser and light treatments! We have many award-winning devices that can rejuvenate skin of all colours and even repair the kind of damage that, just a few years ago, wouldn’t have been possible. One of our most popular is the Fraxel DUAL. In just a few sessions it can dramatically improve your skin’s texture, minimise pores and reduce the look of lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation.

Another way we can instantly restore your skin’s youthful-looking “plumpness” is via dermal fillers. Those, along with wrinkle-smoothing botulinum toxin, are the stars of our signature 3D Liquid Facelift. This very popular knife-free procedure also involves injecting PDO threads in strategic positions just under the surface of the skin to create an instant lift.

The bottom line
Ultimately, if you’re wanting to look your very best at every stage of life, you need to look after your skin’s collagen supply and make a concerted effort to increase it. This can be done via a great skincare routine and be turbo-boosted with in-office treatments such as those you’ll find at Skin Renewal. Still, if you’re off to a late start or concerned about damage that’s been done, all is not lost. We’ve got treatment solutions that include state-of-the-art lasers that can rejuvenate skin in any condition.

Make an appointment to see us today and together we can help you age with grace.

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