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Anti-ageing from within

We all know that a good skin care routine can ensure a more youthful-looking complexion. Still, as it turns out, what you put into your body is just as important.

Anti-ageing from within 2

Hooray for hormone therapy!
As we age our hormone levels change and this can have a visible effect on the health of your skin, and, if you’re a woman, the flux is especially great during your menopausal years. Fortunately, there are treatments to help minimise the effects including natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy  (BIHRT from Reakiri) to help keep your hormonal profile in a youthful range.

Several trials and many happy patients have proven that, aside from improving the overall quality of life, BIHRT can dramatically improve the quality of the skin. One trial to assess the effects of oestrogen replacement therapy on skin ageing saw 40 post-menopausal women receive systemic oestrogen replacement therapy for seven 28-day cycles. The result? Their skin elasticity and hydration levels have significantly improved without any side effects.

There are also studies that show that treatment with topical Estriol (E3-based creams) can improve the look of pigmentation and wrinkles in peri- and post-menopausal women. These creams are available through Skin, Body & Health Renewal after a consultation with your health care practitioner.

Consider a supplement
While Reakiri treatment involves using a topical cream or surgically inserting a pellet you can also fend off Father Time using oral supplements. In the same way your body needs to eat a well-rounded diet for it to function at it’s best, your skin needs a variety of nutrients. These include minerals like selenium and copper, natural ingredients like super antioxidant reservatrol and vitamins like A, C and E.

Many studies have shown that nutrients often need the help of another if you’re to benefit. For example, one study showed that acne patients taking 200 mcg of selenium together with 10mg of vitamin E twice a day for 12 weeks experienced a reduction in lesions. This is why it’s important to take an array of supplements, not just one or two, to truly reap the rewards.

Another way to supplement is via an IV infusion from Health Renewal, possibly prescribed after a 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced doctors. Just two that could greatly benefit your skin include the Healthy Hair/Skin/Nails infusion cocktail and Skin Brightening infusion cocktail.

Be sun savvy
Certain nutrients can also help improve your skin’s natural sun protection factor and lycopene, something you’ll find naturally in tomatoes, is one of them. In one trial, 20 women who supplemented with 16 mg of lycopene daily for 12 weeks had a significant reduction in post-UV exposure redding and inflammation. While that’s no reason to skip out on sunscreen, it’s certainly proof that there are things we can ingest to help actively protect our skin from longterm photo-damage.

While we’re talking about the sun, you should know that vitamin D, a nutrient that’s synthesised in your skin after UV exposure, is another important one for the health. Ironically, unprotected sun exposure isn’t, but if you’re limiting your sun exposure you might be one of many who are now  deficient in vitamin D. That’s were taking a supplement like Lamelle Ovelle D3 or Heliocare Ultra Oral Capsules comes in.

Get protected
To learn more about supplements and how they can benefit your health as well as your skin visit Health Renewal where also you’ll also find potent antioxidants like Metagenics E-400 Selenium. You’ll also find nutritional supplements at Body Renewal, including those to help you manage your weight as well as take care of your skin, hair and nails. Just one example? Body Renewal Opti Nutrition Shake.

You’ll also find anti-ageing supplements in Skin Renewal’s Online Skin shop that includes Mannalabs Bone Broth Collagen shake and iSkin Supercollagen +C. Both are full of naturally occurring collagen and amino acids for a healthy, glowing skin.

In short, hormone replacement therapy and oral supplements are just two ways you can slow down the ageing process. Click here to learn more about how your skin ages as well as what else you can do to slow down the process.


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