Question: Acne in my 40s

I have always struggled with oily and breakout skin since primary school but it has calmed down from my teens and early adult years. I used most available products/tablets from Environ, Diffiren, Roaccutane, Eucerin etc. I'm 40 years now and still get a bad break out especially in my neck (this is new) and T-zone. The breakouts on my neck would be single bumps and take very long to go away. Those on my forehead and nose are small and like a rash almost. I used to take hormonal medication (qluira) for my skin but have stopped this a about 7 months ago, just for not wanting to take it anymore and the monthly cost. I have taken hormonal control medication since my teens. I wanted to ask what is there for me that I can try going forward not being on medication but by having a good skin routine and products that can help with this problem. Currently I'm using Eucerin DermoPurifyer Mattifying Fluid, Almay Clear Complexion Wash and Clinique Ant-Blemish Clearing Gel. For makeup I use Almay Even Skin Foundation with their Smart Shade Loose Powder. My skin feels very dry all the time but extremely oily on the T-zone and looks oily in general. Thank you for taking the time to review my request. Kind regards Annerien


Good day Annarien. Getting breakouts and acne type lesions in your 40’s are unfortunately mostly due to hormone imbalance. Our skins oil glands are driven by hormones and even the slightest imbalance can put the gland in over OR under-drive. Another trigger for your breakouts might be more systemic. If we see inflammatory conditions such as acne lesions (especially the ones that takes very long to heal), we have to start looking at the gut. Dysbiosis is a state of imbalance at which there are a lot more bad bacteria is the gut compared to good ones. We, in an ideal world, should have 80% good bacteria lining our GI tract. Unfortunately, in the society we live in today and the food that we eat, this is impossible and we end up with dysbiosis. This imbalance causes loads of systemic inflammation that normally manifests itself on the skin in the form of inflammatory skin conditions (such as acne lesions, rosacea etc. ). To successfully treat your concern we need to tackle this from the inside out starting with a good probiotic supplement daily as well as an systemic anti-inflammatory supplements such as MSM or curcumin extract. Acnevelle is an oral supplement from Lamelle that has 2 main ingredients namely Zinc and Niacinamide (Vit B3), the combination of these 2 ingredients prove to be very effective in the treatment of inflammatory skin lesions such as acne. All there supplements are available at any of the Skin Renewal branches. Topical products, of cause, play a big role as well. I would recommend Lamelle Clarity range, combined with a potent hyaluronic serum to combat the dryness on the rest of the face. Best would be for you to visit one of the Skin Renewal branches so that one of our Medical professionals can have a look at your skin, do a analysis and recommend the most suitable products.


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