Question: Teenage skin

My name is Estelle and I am a 15year old teen. I'm really struggling with my facial skin,my face is extremely darker than my body and its killing my confidence on a daily.I don't have pimples or acne but my skins hyper pigmentation is high. I am thinking of starting to use eucerin even brighter cream and a Eucerin DermatoClean Clarifying Toner but my mom thinks those products are for grown-ups and in the long term it will ruin my facial skin than enhance it since am still very young. As an expert what are your thoughts on those products for my age? Or what better and cheaper substitute products could I use?


Hi Estelle. I am sorry that you are struggling with this at such a young age. The most important part of treating your concern (and this is extremely important) is the use of an SPF 50 daily. No matter what the weather is like, even if it is raining, you have to apply your sunblock every single day and even reapply during the day. Pigment is produced in the skin by certain cells called Melanocytes. When the cells are exposed to sunlight they go into overdrive and produce a lot more pigment then what they should. This then leads to hyper pigmentation. (think of a light skin going into the sun for a day, and getting a tan). The problem is that the darker your natural skin tone, the longer this “tan” lasts and to regulate that pigment producing cell to get normal function again can be very difficult. The product you are referring to are not a bad option, but if you use them without using an SPF every day, your problem will get worse. Unfortunately the medical skin care product out there that can really treat your condition might be even more expensive than Eucerin. Please visit a Skin Renewal branch closest to you and let them show you’re the SPF 50 we have available. They come in different forms and textures and it is important to find one that works for you, since you will be using it every day.


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