Question: Acne Treatment

Hi Dr Maureen, I have mild acne, since adolescence. I have been on treatment for a few months, but stopped using it because it cleared my skin really well. Needless to say, it is back in full force and quite embarassing. Would you recommend I use the treatment again (it was prescribed by my dermatologist), or are there other options available? I really would like a permanent solution. Thanks, Keisha


Hi there Keisha. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having this issue. I don’t know what exactly your dermatologist prescribed or if you were on any anti-biotics. So I can’t really advise you as to whether or not going back to your prior treatment is a good idea. I can make some suggestions for you based on my experience and based on the products we use at our Skin Renewal Clinics. I would suggest you start off with the Acnevelle capsules from Lamelle as this will help bring that oil secretion causing the breakouts under control. I would also use the Clarity Active Cleanse face wash and the Corrective AM and PM moisturizers also from Lamelle. That should sort out your acne if it’s mild. However if you are having the occasional spots or if you get patches of break out, you could also use the Active control gel, just on the actual spots. Also remember that your skin is sensitive to the sun, so if you are experiencing breakouts you really need to make sure you are wearing a good facial sunblock over your moisturiser to prevent any of your spots becoming dark and pigmented. Heliocare has great sun blocks that will not be greasy or cause blockages on your skin.

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