Question: Anti-ageing Products

Do anti-ageing skincare products really work? Are they effective in slowing down the visible signs of ageing?


This is a great question, and I wish there was a quick and easy answer… I’m not a fan of the word "anti-ageing" in the sense that most people "throw it around". I am of the opinion that there are good products out there that could either "age-prevent", and then there are those that are able to "age-correct". There are very few over-the-counter products that I feel are really active enough to achieve the types of results that most patients expect from "anti-ageing products". If you are serious about treating your skin for the signs of ageing, then you are going to need to invest in very good, very active products that contain good ingredients in very high concentrations that can actually affect change on the skin. You’re looking at brands like Skin Medica, Lamelle, Neostrata, Skin Ceuticals and Nimue, to name juat a few of your options… those types of products are highly active and can prove their results.


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