Question: Any Help For Ingrown Hair On The Face?

Any help for ingrown hair on the face?


Thank-you for your question. However, I need some more info from you before I can give you the best advice. Are you a male or female, as this would give me an idea as to the thickness and coarseness of your facial hair. Are the ingrown hairs causing painful nodules and are there a lot of them, or is it just an odd ingrown here and there? Are you using any form of hair removal (waxing or shaving or plucking or depilatory creams) in the area where you’re getting the ingrown hairs?
I can give you some very general advice to just slowly start improving the problem. Firstly, try to exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis. This will ensure that you are not goig to have a lot of dead skin build up, causing the hair to be “trapped” beneath thickened skin.
Secondly, make sure that you are using an appropriate moisturiser on a daily basis to keep the skin soft and supple. Dryness and dehydration add to the build-up/thickening of the skin, trapping the hair.
Thirdly, use a good sunblock every day to protect the inflamed, ingrown areas from developing brown spots (unwanted pigmentation). If you are suffering from a lot of ingowns and it’s happening regularly, I would very highly recommend a few sessions of laser hair removal. If you remove the cause… you will no longer have the problem. Please give me some more info if you’d like me to give you some more options.


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