Are There Any Non Invasive, Natural Products On The Market That Has The Same Effect As Botox?

Are there any non invasive, natural products on the market that has the same effect as botox?


Hi Rochelle,

Thank you for your question. Botox (AKA Botulinum Toxin) is botulism that assists in blocking the impulse to move muscles resulting in a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. Botox treatments work by temporarily paralyzing small facial muscles. Small injections in the desired site work to puff the skin and plump out the lines, creating a smooth and supple surface boasting youth. While there are companies advertising their products as an alternative to Botox there is no promise that creams will work well if at all.

‘Wrinkle’ creams might help with skin texture however cannot be used to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles. You might be successful in finding a cosmeceutical product such as SkinMedica’s Age Defense range that assists in improving fine lines and wrinkles or a cosmetic product you may find in a retail store that assists in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. As at today there are no natural products that can compare to Botox.

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