Question: Best Time To Workout

I usually almost always work out in the mornings (between 08:30am - 11:00am depending on when I start). I usually go for an hour per workout. Occasionally I have worked out in the evenings. Does this 'confuse' my body? Is there a "best" time to workout in the day?


Different Training Times:

Early Morning
Morning exercisers are typically thought to be more diligent about their training, and the early start is an ideal way to start the day feeling energized. Early morning workouts raise your resting metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more calories throughout the day.

Late Afternoon / Early Evening
Those that train in the late afternoon and early evening have the advantage of training when the body reaches its maximum temperature – roughly between 3pm and 6pm. During this time, your lungs will process oxygen more efficiently to improve your stamina, your muscles will become more fluid and you will have increased agility.

The human body functions on a circadian rhythm or internal clock, and this cycle depends on your personal schedule. If you struggle to fall asleep the morning is your best time to train, as the additional energy production of evening training can keep you awake. Regardless of what time you train, honouring a regular routine will bring you the best results long term.

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