Question: Combination Skin And Pigmentation

Hi Maureen. I cleanse and moisturize daily using Elizabeth Arden products. Now with winter approaching my skin is very dry. Can I switch my day moisturizer with my evening moisturizer. I also battle with pigmentation. What do you suggest/recommend.


Hi there. Thanks so much for your question. My first question to you is going to be, “Do you apply a good facial SPF every single day?”. Most people do not, and this, in most cases is what causes issues with pigmentation, tone and texture. If your skin is very dry and it is simply due to the seasonal change, then I would simply add a good, potent hydrating serum underneath my moisturiser (day and night), something like Lamelle’s HA Serum. So your layering would be as follows every morning, after cleansing, serum, then moisturiser, then SPF. For the existing pigmentation I’m going to be honest and tell you that you are in a prime position to get your skin sorted out right now when we are going into winter! This is the best time of the year to get started on a good pigmentation package so that when summer comes around again, your skin is strong, well-conditioned and you will be on the right products to ensure that your skin is well maintained. Are you near enough to one of our Skin Renewal Branches for you to come and see me or one of our doctors? We can gladly assist you with a good treatment program to help you. Alternatively, if you want some product recommendation in the meant time I would advise the following: You need to be using a night cream that contains potent Vit A, such as Luminesce Evening Glow (by Lamelle); Retinol 0.5 (by Skin Ceuticals); Tri-Retinol Complex (by Skin Medica). Any of these will start working on that existing pigmentation. Depending on how severe your pigmentation is, and how deep it is, we may need to incorporate some other products, but we would only be able to know this once we can actually see your skin. It also depends on what has caused the pigmentation. Is it due to having had a few breakouts and you’re left with some dark marks? Or is it hormonal? These are all things we need to take into consideration if we are going to look at treating a lot more specifically. Are you able to come and see me, or one of our doctors?

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