Question: Fattigue

Good Day, I am a 23 year old woman who is up 16-19 hours a day and even on weekends when i do catch up on sleep I remain exhausted... Is there anything you can recommend to give me a natural and healthy boost?


Unfortunately there are no ways to cheat your body out of rest. If you can’t get the desired 7.30 – 8 hours each night, try sneak in a 45 minute at some stage of the day, as that is all it takes to adequately replenish your energy levels. Steer clear of excess caffeine in coffee and energy drinks, opting for green tea instead. Fruit on an empty stomach will also provide a natural energy boost. Freshly made veggie juices also pack a nutritional punch, leaving you alert and revitalised. Avoid few meals far between and rather opt for small, nutrient-packed meals often in the day.

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