Question: From Ariesha Govender

Hi, Dr. Allem. I have had acne that only appears on the top of my forehead close to my hairline. I don't have a problem with acne but would like to clear up that area.


Thank you so much for your question, but in a case like yours, we need to investigate a little bit further. We need to ascertain whether this is in fact acne, or is it possibly something like a reaction to your hair products? Could it be that you are braiding your hair too tightly or fastening it too tightly (I don’t know if you have long hair or not), and that’s why it is occurring on your hairline? Could it be a product reaction to something you are applying to your forehead? So in order to answer your question and solve your issue, we need to find out the cause and ensure that we target that cause. Are you close to any of our branches so that I or one of our Doctors can help you? You can find your nearest branch on

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