Question: From Diana Van Den Berg

Hi, I am thinking of getting Juvederm fillers for nasolabial lines and, folds. Would you recommend this?


Thank you for your question, Diana. It’s a bit difficult to tell you what I recommend for you without seeing you and having a look at what you wish to treat. If you’re asking me whether I think Juvederm is a good filler, then yes, I use it a lot on my patients with very good results. I’ve been using it for a very long time with great success.

If I can just advise you on one thing, most often, the nasolabial folds occur due to the loss in cheek volume. The cheeks sag, so the folds become evident. Like I said, I have not actually seen you, but if you are losing cheek volume, it’s best for you to rather replace the cheek volume with filler, and this will automatically improve the nasolabials. Your Dr would most likely advise you of this.

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