Question: Healthy Eating

Hi do you have any healthy eating tips for me. I tend to not eat the entire day then go all out at dinner which is wrong so I need to know what I can eat during the day that won't keep me healthy and full


Here are some great snacking ideas, especially if you can’t prepare meals or are on the move. Left-over dinner also makes a great lunch when you need to time-save:

– Rice cakes and peanut butter/cheese
– Boiled eggs
– Veggie sticks with hummus
*Nice idea: line the bottom of your travel mug with hummus and stick your veggie crudités into it vertically before sealing up.
– Home-made trail mixes using a combination of raw nuts, dried berries, toasted seeds and bran flakes
– Roasted pumpkin seeds: surprisingly high in protein, ½ cup offers 14 grams
– Lean biltong
– Healthy powder mixes: make your own protein shake ready to mix with water. Whey protein powder, almond milk powder, raw cacao powder and Futurelife are all great ingredients to include
– Cheese and grape mini-skewers
– Popcorn
– Roasted chickpeas: simply toss them in the oven with
– Olives
– Single yoghurt portions
– Single serving tomato juice cans


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