Question: Hey Helen, What Items Are A Must-have In My Make-up Bag? I Want To Start Using Make-up But I Don’t Know What I Need To Have, Please List The Items For Me?

Hey Helen, what items are a must-have in my make-up bag? I want to start using make-up but I don't know what I need to have, please list the items for me?


Hi Jeanice

Since you are only deciding to start using make up I would suggest you take the "less is more" approach.
Foundation (depending on the coverage you need)
light / medium :- tinted moisturiser, mineral powder foundation or moisturising liquid foundation. 
Medium / heavy :- Cream foundation stick 
Concealer ( only if needed) 
Translucent or finishing powder ( to set foundation and concealer) 
Brow pencil
Eyeshadows 1 light shade to highlight your brow bone
                      2 neutral shades of light brown or beige 
                      1 glamour shade to turn day make up into night 
Blush or Bronzer ( I would recommend both) 
Lip gloss. 
This is not set in stone and you could always build your make up bag over time. 

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