Question: Hi Adele. I Have Quite Thick Hair, It’s Wavy, Too (but Light Waves). When I Make A Pony Tail, I Have A Hard Time Getting Everything Smooth. I Often Have Bumps All Over The Place. Please Help?

Hi Adele. I have quite thick hair, it's wavy, too (but light waves). When I make a pony tail, I have a hard time getting everything smooth. I often have bumps all over the place. Please help?



This is often a tricky situation and not always easy to combat if you don’t have help. The first thing you need to think about is the type of brush you are using to smooth your hair with. If it’s a round brush like the one you would use to blow dry with then you can be guaranteed that it won’t do the trick. Try a paddle brush or a brush with fine bristles, but also make sure that you’ve brushed through all your hair before you go and tie it up. Get it all into the palm of your hand at the level at which you’d like your ponytail to be then brush it together firmly. Use your smoothing or paddle brush to get the front hair into place and tie back. It might take some practice, but then again, practice makes perfect!

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