Question: Hi Dr Maureen Please Help, My Skin Is Very Dry This Winter, The Legs And The Arms Are Worse And My Nails Are Brittle, What Can I Use. I Have Tried A Lot Of Very Dry Skin Lotions They Are Not Working.Please Help I’m Very Frustrated By This.

Hi Dr Maureen Please help, my skin is very dry this winter, the legs and the arms are worse and my nails are brittle, what can I use. I have tried a lot of very dry skin lotions they are not working.Please help I'm very frustrated by this.


Dry skin in the winter can really be a very big issue. I find that most ‘over the counter’ creams and lotions just don’t quite do it. I would suggest you invest in your skin and use a good quality product that is going to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin, and also has active ingredients to really treat your skin.

For your body if it is really dry and flaky, there is a great product by Neostrata, called Problem Dry Skin Cream, and it is wonderful. You may also want to consider TNS Body Lotion by Skin Medica. Both these product ranges also have amazing treatments and creams for the face, such as Neostrata’s Bionic Face cream and Skin Medica’s Essential Serum. But as far as the face goes, you don’t have to be limited to just those two ranges, there are really great medical ranges out there that will really give you amazing results, such as Lamelle and Nimue, to name but a few.

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