Question: Hi I Have Two Questions – Firstly, I Am Currently Using Revlon Photo Ready Foundation And Love It But Feel That I Need More Coverage For Nights Out. What Can You Suggest, At A Reasonable Price Which Gives Good Coverage, To Create An Almost Flawless Look. Secondly, I Am Using Maybelline Eyeliner At The Moment, I Have Used Many But None Of Them Seem To Stay For Longer Than An Hour. Is There A Better Liner I Can Try? A Very Dark Black And One That Goes On Smoothly? Or Is There Something I Need To Do To Make It Stay For Longer? Thanks

Hi I have two questions - firstly, I am currently using Revlon Photo Ready foundation and love it but feel that I need more coverage for nights out. What can you suggest, at a reasonable price which gives good coverage, to create an almost flawless look. Secondly, I am using Maybelline eyeliner at the moment, I have used many but none of them seem to stay for longer than an hour. Is there a better liner I can try? a very dark black and one that goes on smoothly? or is there something I need to do to make it stay for longer? Thanks


Hi Kerry.

For your first question – Do you use a primer? If not, apply a primer before you apply foundation. Primer evens out the skin and allows for a smoother and longer lasting coverage. I suggest Inglot’s Under makeup Base. As for the foundation, try a Gel based foundation. It will last longer and look more natural. MAC has a lovely gel foundation.

Second question – eyeliner is one of those tricky products, especially if you have watery eyes! You didn’t mention if you’re using the eyeliner on the top or on the bottom of the eye. If on the top, make sure you are using a foundation on the eyelid, and follow with a translucent powder before applying the liner. For the top, gel liners are easiest to apply.
If on the inside of the eye, there is only one solution. This is to purchase a waterproof eyeliner. Even so, the liner won’t last longer than 4-5hours. So I suggest you keep it in your handbag for re-application! I am not sure if Rimmel Khol pencil is waterproof, but from experience,  I have found this to be my favourite liner.

all the best! xoxo

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