Question: Hi There Doc, I Have Dry And Sensitive Skin, Especially Down The Space Between My Eyes, And Next To My Nose. I Have Tried Many Products For Dry Skin And Nothing Seems To Help. My Skin Is Sensitive To Perfumed Facial Products And Burns When Applying. Please Help

Hi there Doc, I have dry and sensitive skin, especially down the space between my eyes, and next to my nose. I have tried many products for dry skin and nothing seems to help. My skin is sensitive to perfumed facial products and burns when applying. Please help


Hi there. Thanks so much for your question. From the symptoms you’re describing, it sounds to me like you’re suffering with an impaired barrier. So your skin’s functions are just totally out of sync right now. So my suggestion to you is to get that skin protecting you the way it should again. I suggest you get yourself some Barrier Repair Cream from Lamelle (it is available in all our Skin Renewal branches), as well as a good facial sun protection product. You can apply the Barrier repair cream every morning with your SPF on top (please make sure it is a good, broad spectrum FACIAL sun product), and then just your Barrier repair again at night. After a month, I would just add a hydrating serum. Once you’ve got your skin balanced again, then take it from there. See what other concerns you have and get a medical aesthetic therapist to help you with a good skin analysis and get the right products for your skin.

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