Question: Hi, I Have Very Thin Curly Hair. I Would Like To Know How To Permentaly Straighten My Hair Without Using An Iron.

Hi, I have very thin curly hair. I would like to know how to permentaly straighten my hair without using an iron.


Hi Ugendrie.
I think that is a good idea. Using a hot iron excessively without the proper heat protection can be very damaging on one’s hair. Technology has come a long way and if the right product is used in the correct way, you can have straight hair that is still healthy.
We do a permanent straightener call L’Oreal Xtenso in my salon. It breaks down the bonds in your hair, we blowdry and iron your hair, and then join the bonds back together, so that your hair stays straight. This will last about 6 months but remember, your hair grows and average of 1cm a month, so your regrowth will be curly. You would need to wait 4 months before doing it again only on the roots. It is a chemical though, and if a stylist does not do a proper consultaion, or use the product as the instructions say, it can be very damaging.
Always make sure your hair salon is actually using a good product, and ask them to show you the packaging and mix in front of you to make sure.
Good luck!
MIRRORS hair lab

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