Question: Holes In My Face

Hi Dr Maureen, I have holes in my face due to acne scaring, it is not hectic but I would like it gone. I would like to know what I can do to either fill the holes or to actually get rid of the problem? Is a chemical peel effect for such a problem? What are my option? Thanks in advance!


Good day to you! Thanks so much for your question. Acne scarring is quite a common problem and it is somewhat of a puzzle, as we need to treat everybody as an individual. Not all scars are treated exactly the same. Depending on how deep or how built up your scars are, we have quite a few things we could consider. If your skin has got “holes”, then peels are really going to have a very limited effect on the area. We need to consider rather dermaroller with some laser or some mesotherapy. Or, if the holes are very large and indented, we could even inject some dermal filler to “lift out” the indented areas. In most cases, a combination of things need to be done for the best results. You are welcome to come in and see me so that I can give you the very best results for your particular skin. Are you near to any of our Skin Renewal Branches so that we can help you with this?

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