Question: How Can I Create That Jlo Glow When Applying Make Up?

How can I create that Jlo glow when applying make up?



My version of explaining that look to people is "disco face." I am a self-confessed bronzer fan and my best way to get my skin or a client’s skin to glow that way is with bronzer. Once you have completed applying your foundation, concealer and powder, suck your cheeks in like you did when you were a child and then start applying gentle layers of bronzer, stroking upwards (away from the cheeks into the hair line). Then use a white highlighter of any kind like ashiny white or silver eye shadow and gently highlight the area between your cheekbone and your eyes. Be careful not to go overboard as you could go from shiny to scary in no time. Try and use a bronzer that has a shimmer in it else use mix you usual bronzer with a shimmer powder like The Twilight range by Essence in True To Be You. If I run out of a shimmer powder I use some of my shiniest eye shadow in a similar tone to give the same effect. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to treat make-up with a certain formality. Mix and match until you get to the look you truly desire.

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