Question: How can I get rid of tiny bumps under my eye area?

Tiny bumps under my eye area – I have recently developed these bumps under my eyes that just won't go away. I have tried extracting them, exfoliating them both manually with a scrub and with my clarisonic on high which I normally never use in this area. Please tell me what I can do to get these to go away as they are really affecting my life now and look horrible even though they are so tiny. These tiny bumps are concentrated in the inner half of my under eye area.


What i suggest is to change your eye cream to a lighter textured eye cream as well as do not apply your facial moisturiser anywhere near the area of your eye.  Try this for a couple of weeks.  If they do not go away then I would suggest you go see a Dermatologist who should be able to assist you in removing them.

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