Question: How Do I Cover Scars When Going Out?

How do I cover scars when going out?


Thank-you for this question. I need a bit more information to be able to really give you good advice. Are the scars raised, or are they indented? What is the colour of your normal, unaffected skin, and what colour are the scars? Are the scars you wish to cover, only on your face or are they on your body as well? The quickest, easiest solution, if the scars are not terribly raised or very noticeable, is to use Lycogel (this is a treatment foundation), to cover them.

What I would suggest, and what I feel would be the best solution to your problem is to come and see us for a consult. There are so many things we can do to improve scarring and help them appear smaller, smoother and more refined so that they are much easier to “hide”. Again, your treatment would depend on the type of scarring (as I mentioned above), but it could incorporate anything from Dermaroller, Carboxy Therapy, Laser treatments, Pearl laser or even some chemical resurfacing. There really are some great options to help people with scarring, so please try to get to one of our clinics so we can help you.

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