Question: How do I take better care of my dreadlocks?

Hi Brian I Have long Dreadlocks coloured - Orange red and my Hair is starting to break,How do i take a good care of my hair more escpecially if it is Coloured,What is the Routine - Please assist!i'm still in Love with My Dreadlocks!Also i don't want this colour to fade.How do i keep it?


You don’t specify where your dreads are breaking. Is it from the roots or at the ends? If they are starting to break from the root area then it could mean that when you get them re-twisted they are being twisted too tightly. This tension will cause traction alopecia. The remedy for this is to not twist so tightly when you get your hair done. The other possibility is that the weight of your dreads are causing the tension, in which case you may need to trim them to remove some weight. If the hair is breaking towards the ends then it could be dryness and you should use a good moisturizing treatment. As far as your colour is concerned, red/orange generally tends to fade the quickest. If you’re getting your colour done at a salon using professional colour have your stylist lower the volume peroxide they’re using. So if they’re using 30 volume go to a 20 and so forth. If you’re using a box colour then try switching to a deeper or darker shade of red. There is more pigment in the darker shades and a lower volume peroxide. This should extend the life of your colour.

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