Question: How important is toning in a skincare routine?

Hi Maureen, I just wanted to know how important is toning in a skincare routine? Are some skins intolerant to toners? I once used to use a toner and it really didn't help at all. It may have been too strong for my skin. I completely ceased to use of any and all toners and my skin has been doing great ever since. Recently I reintroduced toner into my skincare routine - a different brand and a different consistency (more milky and creamy). I use it twice a week (when I exfoliate my skin and use my argan oil clay mask - and end off the process with toner, a healing serum and a night cream). It's doing a much better job than other toners I used to use. Do all skins need a toner?


Thank you so much for your question, it’s a great one! You are quite right. Toning is not a necessity, and in many cases, it’s in fact better NOT to use a toner, especially if the toner contains a lot of drying alcohols, or the of the person using that toner suffers from impaired barrier function. My advice is always to get to learn what works for YOUR skin. Unless that toner is actually performing a specific function, it may not be necessary to use it, (for example in one or two professional ranges, the toner is made up of AHAs, so they are the range’s exfoliation step). So to answer your questions simply, NO, not all skins require a toner.

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