Question: I Am Part Of Mrs PE, Any Ideas How To Get My Spots Lighter?

I am part of Mrs PE, any ideas how to get my spots lighter?


I’m assuming from your query, that you’re referring to pigmentation spots? Pigmentation is not a “quick fix” kind of treatment. You need to be on a good sunblock to prevent them from getting darker, you need to be on a good pigmentation inhibitor, like Lumixyl or Brighter Concentrate, to prevent your melanocyte cells from making more pigment in those spots, so that they will slowly start to lighten. I would also suggest an oral skin care supplement like Ovelle so that you further assist the pigmentation inhibitors, and that you prevent the action of free radicals on the skin. If you’d also like to add over all lightening and brightening to that, you can also use Elure, which is a lightening product. Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, it may be that you need slightly more aggressive solutions than what I’ve suggested here, but I would really need to have a closer look at you to make a more accurate diagnosis.

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