Question: I Am Using Clinique Products And I Have Stuff Under My Skin That Wont Dissapear.which Products To Use?

I am using clinique products and I have stuff under my skin that wont dissapear.which products to use?


Good day to you! I’m so sorry to hear that you are battling with this issue. It sounds a lot like you’re suffering with quite a congested skin (that is if I’m understanding what you mean by “stuff under the skin”). You will probably find that the particular products you have chosen are not appropriate for your skin type and condition. There are quite a few great options for you, but to really give you the best advice, I would need a bit more information from you. Can you tell me the following: 1) What products do you use (ie, Cleanser? Toner? Moisturiser? SPF?); 2) How old are you? 3) Are you a very active person or are you mostly in an office behind a desk? 4) What is your skin colour? 5) How does your skin feel in general? (do you experience oiliness or dryness or flaking or do you feel rough areas on your skin?). Once I have that information, I would be able to be a lot more helpful. In the meantime, what I am going to suggest is the following: Come in to one of our Skin Renewal Branches and let us give you a deep cleanse treatment to help you just get out a lot of that “stuff” that is bugging you. While you are with the medical aesthetic therapist, allow her to do a proper evaluation and analysis of your skin. She would be able to advise you as to the best products for you and why those products are appropriate for you. If you feel like your condition is REALLY severe, then I would suggest you come and see one of our Doctors and let them prescribe what is needed.

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