Question: I Have Been Searching For The Perfect Lip Colour All My Life And Have Not Been Successful As Yet Despite Countless Visit To The Makeup Counter. Any Tips On How To Know If A Colour Suits You? Any Tips Will Be Appreciated!

I have been searching for the perfect lip colour all my life and have not been successful as yet despite countless visit to the makeup counter. Any tips on how to know if a colour suits you? Any tips will be appreciated!


Hi Arusha

It’s quite simple actually.
Next time you go into a cosmetics store try on a lipstick that is either one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Once you have found it then that’s your colour.
Light of complexion skins would normally go for a lipstick that has a orange undertone where as us darker skinned ladies would go for something with a blue undertone.

One more trick when trying on lipstick is that if you try too many on your lips, eventually you will not be able to see the true colour of a lipstick any more. Alternatively try the lipstick on your finger tips to see if it suits you

Happy hunting

Stay Beautiful…Indulge yourself

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