Question: I Have Combination Skin, I Don’t Get Blackheads Or Whiteheads, But Clogged Pores, When I Unclog Them, It Forms A Pimple A Day Later. How Can I Prevent This?

I have combination skin, I don't get blackheads or whiteheads, but clogged pores, when I unclog them, it forms a pimple a day later. How can I prevent this?


 Thank you so much for you enquiry. It’s a bit difficult for me to assist you in this query, as my question to you would be, “HOW are you unclogging your pores?”.

Often people try to use harsh products or squeeze their skin without using the correct technique. If you are sqeezing your skin with your fingers or your nails, you will most definitely cause inflammation and possibly further infection, in which case, yes, you will get an outbreak in the area. I would suggest that you rather make the investment and go for monthly deep cleansing treatments, with a good, active skin care cosmeceutical product. I would suggest rather using the appropriate skin care regime to avoid the clogging and treating it properly.

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